Project – Louder Mixes

I have always struggled to achieve louder mixes, without loss of punch or definition.

Although I think it’s important to have your own ‘sound’ in terms of mixdown, the difference between my tracks and other similar tracks is an issue when I submit music to DJs for mixes, or to labels to consider for release, because most commercially available releases are of similar perceived loudness.

This project should help to steer me in the right direction when making a track. I’m going to study some commercially available tracks that I like. Hopefully my findings can enable me to implement some of the same production techniques in my own music.

The tracks I’ve chosen are:

Arkist – Only If You Mean It (

Kromestar – Family Apart (

Sbtrkt – Pharaohs (

Slugabed – Mountains Come Out of the Sky (ARP 101 Remix) (

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