Arrangement Templates

This is a great way to learn about how tracks work.

Using blank MIDI tracks in Cubase, I created 4 arrangements that mirrored the elements in each reference track. I colour-coded the parts:



GREEN – MUSIC (Synths/Instruments)



I also used a marker track to create markers at the start of each new section. I either labelled them A/B/C section or verse/hook/bridge etc.

Arkist – Only If You Mean It:

Kromestar – Family Apart: 16 bar changes all the way through apart from the c section which is 32 bars. Vocals, Bass and Drums just do the same thing all the way through, incidental synth lines change every 16 bars. Pretty straight forward arrangement.

Sbtrkt – Pharaohs: 8 bar intro, 8-bar hook, 16-bar verse and 8-bar hook (x2), then two 8-bar C sections and 2 8-bar hook sections before the outro.

Slugabed – Mountains Come Out of the Sky (ARP 101 Mix) – All the sections are at multiples of 8 bars, but they get longer towards the end f the track. As more automation is introduced, the themes and motifs are drawn out. The first few sections are 8 bars long, but the last two are 32 bars long.

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