My Own Observations…

After learning about how these producers work and listening to the tracks carefully, I have been able to draw some conclusions of my own.

Their production features spectral bracketing of sounds, light compression (at various stages of the signal chain), buss processing, saturation and proper gain staging. Distortion often features (I would guess that clipping plugins are used) and common FX send/return channels are used to ‘glue’ elements of the tracks together and give them a more natural feel. Sidechaining is also implemented to create space and movement. Synths/pads/textures have filter automation and other automation to generate motion. The arrangements are all typical of pop/dance music and are all fairly minimal in terms of number of parts.

Although I currently use some of these techniques, I feel I have learned a lot about signal processing by researching these producers. In particular, using buss processing and fx send/return channels to ‘glue’ the mix.

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