SPAN Analysis

Although perceived loudness can’t be measured by data alone, the best place for me to start to try and identify the weaknesses of my own tracks is to analyse my references and collect data to compare against my own music.

The next series of posts feature videos of the spectrum analyser SPAN reacting to the reference tracks.

I have also compiled a series of notes about the tracks, based on SPAN’s visual feedback.

I will measure: the working line* high and low cut regions, phase correlation, RMS, kick fundamental frequency, sub-bass and high percussion regions and the crest factor in the busiest (A/B section) and least busy (C section) parts of each track.

*When I refer to the ‘working line’, it is a technique used to balance out the key elements of your mix. All you have to do is use any horizontal line on the analyser as a reference for the amplitude of the fundamental frequencies of your key sounds. One thing to bear in mind is that the ‘working line’ in my reference tracks is post mastering, therefore I can only use this as a reference after I have applied master buss processing to my track.

These are the settings I used:

SPAN Settings

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